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Life can be unpredictable. Whether you’re preparing for your loved ones to be taken care of after you’re gone or you just want to create a safety net in case the unthinkable occurs, it’s important to work with an insurance agency that knows the value of making you feel protected. At Gorham & Associates, LLC, in Greensboro, NC, we’re focused on offering comprehensive life insurance, as well as disability, accident, and cancer policies, that provide peace of mind and financial compensation during some of life’s most troubling moments.

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Three Decades of Exemplary Service

When it comes to managing an insurance agency that’s dedicated to doing the most good for their clients, there’s something to be said for experience. Our staff has provided term life insurance and other policies to our loyal clients for over 30 years. During this time, we’ve learned how best to approach the delicate subjects surrounding life insurance. By taking a person-first approach to managing and paying out policies, we want to ensure you feel like you’re being cared for and truly understood during a time that can be difficult and emotionally draining.

Serving Clients Across Six States & D.C.

When it comes to finding the best insurance agency in town, your options shouldn’t be limited by distance. At Gorham & Associates, our focus is on providing life insurance policies to individuals across the region. While based in Greensboro, we’re licensed to work with policyholders in several other states. If you’re tired of being treated like just another name on a contract, work with a team that truly cares.

Currently, we’re accepting clients from Washington, D.C. and the following states:

North Carolina

South Carolina





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